I Have A New Website! (Sort Of)

I debated posting this because I did have the idea to advertise it when I published my first post, but what would be the point in posting if nobody was around to see it? That is why I have come to tell you that I have a new website! There isn’t much on it at the moment, but you can subscribe to my newsletter, check out my portfolio, and get in touch with me!

Visit my site: Campbellxemma.com

No new blog posts will go up on this blog, instead, every new blog post will be posted on there. Also, don’t worry about the old blog posts, you can still read and check them out any time you like! I will eventually get around to reposting them on my new site, but I want to focus on the fresh content for now.

By signing up for the newsletter, you will be notified when our first post goes live, as well as some links to all the resources I used to make this new site happen! From then on, the newsletter will be bi-weekly and will feature a post roundup, exclusive tips, favourite resources, and links to my current favourite blogs. You can opt out at any time, and don’t worry it’ll only be once every two weeks, so you won’t get spammed!

Why don’t you leave a comment below telling me what you think of the website, and what you would like to see included? I would love to hear from you!